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Joe Kubert - A tribute from Mary Hildebrandt
My family just informed me that Joe Kubert, passed away. I was so devastated to hear this news. Joe was larger than life in every way.  He was a warm and caring man, supportive and enthusiastic, an incredible artist; a person whose spirit touched many.

I remember meeting him years ago when I went for an interview in hopes of securing a student position at his school.  My parents and I decided that not mentioning my father, Greg Hildebrandt, was in my best interest as I wanted to earn a position in the school without my father’s help. I was a shy girl and when he went to shake my hand I extended my limp arm, my hand dangling. He grasped it firmly and then proceeded to give me a lesson in hand shaking. He told me that a firm hand shake exuded power, a sense of self possession and confidence. He shook my hand, my arm so vigorously that I felt as though I was infused with his strength. Self confidence is what I learned during that first meeting with him.  At the end of the interview he told me I was indeed accepted into the school and with a knowing smile he then asked if I was the daughter of one of the Hildebrandt brothers.  I told him that I was and at that point he let me know that I was accepted on my own merits and not my father’s.

Joe raised a wonderful family, entertained the world with his accomplished works of art and devoted the later part of his life to his school, sharing his gifts with others.

He was a gregarious soul filled with passion and love. He was innovator, a leader and a great teacher, he was a friend and I know he will be missed by many.

Travel safe Joe, travel safe.

Mary R Hildebrandt

Mary Hildebrandt is the daugther of renowned Fantasy/Sci-Fi illustrator Greg Hildebrandt. Half of the Brothers Hildebrandt team, the twins worked on larger than life projects such as Lord of The Rings and  Star Wars. Tim Hildebrandt, Mary's uncle, was one of David Bollers teachers at the Joe Kubert school. At the time Mary shared the same studio with her father and uncle, occasionally assisting Tim at the school.

Special vom: 13.08.2012
Autor dieses Specials: Mary R Hildebrandt
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Joe Kubert - Ein Nachruf von Mary Hildebrandt
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